Collaborative Treatment in Dentistry



in Dentistry

Introducing CoTreat features

using AI to transform your dental practice
Verification Report

Improve Patient Outcomes

Receive a report on each treatment plan
uploaded. We'll work together to complement
your diagnosis.
Smart Digital Treatment Plan

Increase Case Acceptance

Deliver your findings in a way that engages
patients and increases treatment plan
Treatment Roadmaps

Increase Patient Understanding

Treatment Roadmaps show the patient how to get from their problem to your solution on an intuitive timeline. Automatically convert your tx plans into Treatment Roadmaps so patients can easily visualize their tx journey.

Treat Collaboratively!

Don't go Solo. Take a Wookiee!

At CoTreat we believe many minds are better than one

Our suite of products are built with this philosophy in mind

CoTreat Feature

Verification Report

Dentistry is hard. It's easy for bruxism to fall through the cracks here, and malocclusion there.

Let Cotreat be your tireless scout. We’ll study each case by going through a 16 point checklist.

We’ll then report back to our commander in chief. You.

CoTreat Feature

Smart Digital Treatment Plan

Instantaneously get the treatment plan in front of the eyeballs that matter.

The Patients!

Our Smart Digital Treatment plan will engage the patient and improve case acceptance

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