Evidence-based dentistry

Dentists and Dental Practice Owners,

Can we make it easier to implement high quality treatment planning in your practice?

CoTreat is a Melbourne based dental tech start-up. We’ve been deep in R&D, and we’ve now got a product that we’re incredibly proud of. Before we formally launch, we would like to connect with practice owners to use our beta version of CoTreat for free and see how it can help in your practice. We will check in with you weekly for a quick update to see how CoTreat is working for you. In the future if you decide that CoTreat is for you we can offer our Beta users a pretty sweet discount off the retail price.

Our premise is simple. We help bring evidence-based dentistry into your practice. We’ve taken a deep dive into dental research and built proprietary Clinical Decision Support Software (CDSS) that is the engine behind our reporting, that transforms the complexity of an ever-expanding research base into simple, actionable information for your dentists.

CoTreat provides dentists with a prioritised summary of observations from past patient records by systematically checking through 17 categories. Our data shows that when a dentist takes a few seconds to read the CoTreat summary before they see their patient, both patient, and practice get more consistent outcomes.

We’d love to show you a little more about what we do and how we can bring CoTreat into your practice. There is no obligation to purchase CoTreat. We’re just very excited to get our tech into some early adopting hands.

Book a 15 minute Zoom call to find out more.


Dr. Max Ganhewa

Rowan D Story AM, RFD
Clinical Director