About CoTreat

CoTreat is a Melbourne based company founded in 2019. We believe 'CoTreating' cases with AI will improve outcomes for patients and practices by increasing diagnostic accuracy.

Max Ganhewa


Max is a practicing dentist and the co-founder of CoTreat. Max practices general dentistry in Melbourne and has a passion for AI and Clinical Decision Making in Dentistry

Neekey Ni


Neekey is a leading web developer and the co-founder of CoTreat. Neekey has developed systems for Alibaba group and narattive Melbourne before founding CoTreat. Neekey has a passion for innovation, design and leadership.

Geoff Parkes


Geoff brings a wealth of sales and executive experience to CoTreat. Geoff has an extensive history working with global companies (Henry Schein and GE Medical Systems) and has a passion for business and systems thinking.

Kitt Farrell

Customer Care

Kitt is a dental hygieniest with 10 years experience in the dental industry. Kitt brings expertise in customer relations and marketing and has a passion for preventative care, education and communication.